Some of the Nostromo recipes that have become legendary


Restoran Nostromo ::: Zlatko Marinovic

We remove the anchovy heads and intestines, season with salt and pepper and fry them on embers or in a frying pan. In a pot with olive oil we put onions on a low flame and let it sear. After that we add garlic, parsley, granulated pepper and divide it with a dash of vinegar. After 20 minutes we may add fish soup and evaporate it again. The fish soup is added to tenderize the marinades flavor and give it certain sweetness. So, we pour that over the fried anchovies and on top we add rings of lemon and laurel and rosemary according to taste.
We serve it cold.
Tuna, shark and pelamid can all be prepared in the same way. Workers used to carry this kind of marinade with them to the field with a jug of wine and a piece of bread.